Scheme of Delegation

The Ryedale Federation Accountabilities Framework


The Ryedale Federation Accountabilities Framework acts as a scheme of delegation, clarifying where responsibility and accountability sits in key functional areas across three sets of stakeholders:

  • The Ryedale Federation Governing Board
  • Executive Leadership Team
  • School Head Teachers *

It provides a summary of the division of responsibilities. However, there may be circumstances where this division may change – for example, the Executive Leadership team may sometimes take on a much more involved role.

As a single legal entity, it is acknowledged that The Ryedale Federation Governing Body has overall responsible for decisions relating to how each school is run, but in accordance with the Accountabilities Framework can delegate some functions whilst remaining legally accountable.

The governing board has chosen to delegate some functions, as set out in this document, to the head teachers and executive leadership team but governors remain responsible for the strategic direction of the schools and the culture and ethos of the schools.

* Supported by a local School Improvement Group (SIG)

SIGs are not part of the governance structure within the federation but they provide a powerful voice for the community in the school, and for the school in the community. They are also a powerful advocate for the needs of their school within the Ryedale Federation, and a source of sharing good practice across the federation.

Ryedale Federation Governors may attend SIG meetings at any school within the federation.

Division of responsibilities

Type of activitiesHead Teacher
(Delivers on school performance & operations supported by the SIG)
Executive Leadership Team
(Monitors, challenges and supports schools)
Federation Governing Board
(Ultimately accountable and approves all statutory policies and finance)

School Improvement

  • Develop school strategy, culture & ethos
  • Develop and then propose school priorities and school improvement plan (SIP), including suggesting targets
  • Deliver performance as per SIP and targets
  • Develop and then propose curriculum model
  • Manage assessment processes
  • Improve teaching quality through performance management, CPD, etc.
  • Recommend to the FGB:
  • - School culture &ethos
    - School targets
    - School priorities
    - School expansion strategy
    - Curriculum model; behaviour policy

  • Support schools on multiple aspects including: implementing SIP; improving teaching quality; managing assessment processes; analysing school data
  • Monitor school performance and report to the FGB

  • Set overall vision and mission for the Federation and approve individual schools’ strategy, culture and ethos
  • Hold Executives to account on school improvement and performance, and all
    operational areas
Head Teacher recruitment, appraisal

  • Support FGB with Head Teacher recruitment
  • Conduct appraisals with Link Governor

  • Performance management of Executive Head Teacher and other Head Teachers
  • Appoint new Head Teachers in the federation including the Executive Head Teacher
  • Approve Head Teacher Salaries
Finance and Procurement

  • Deliver budget and financial targets
  • Propose a 3 year budget plan developed with the Finance Director
  • Ensure financial policies are implemented
  • Ensure value for money is achieved

  • Recommend financial policies
  • Approve and recommend to the FGB, 3 year budget plans for each school
  • Provide financial forecasts to the FGB
  • Support Head Teachers with school finances
  • Responsible for all statutory financial returns
  • Identify, implement and manage Federation opportunities to achieve value for money

  • Accountable for ensuring financial compliance and value for money is achieved
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the Federation
  • Approve 3 year budget plans for each school and the Federation
  • Approve financial policies
HR Recruitment

  • Ensure HR policies and processes are implemented in line with policy, including: performance appraisals and pay reviews
  • Undertaking recruitment (unless for Head Teacher) following approval by ELT
  • Liaise with local level unions
  • Develop and retain great staff in schools

  • Recommend to the FGB HR and recruitment Federation policies
  • Recommend to the FGB staff restructures
  • Support schools with ongoing HR guidance
  • Engage in recruiting key operational posts

  • Accountable for all HR compliance
  • Approve all HR policies
  • Approve staff restructures
Safeguarding and other Compliance

  • Ensure compliance with statutory obligations and mandatory Federation policies, including, Health and Safety, safeguarding, SEN, admissions and exclusions
  • Provide information for FOI requests
  • Respond to all school level complaints at the first stage

  • Recommend to the FGB statutory and Federation mandatory policies
  • Lead on all complaints against Head Teachers

  • Accountable for all compliance
  • Approve all policies
  • Lead on school complaints at the third stage and investigate complaints against the Executive Head Teacher at stage two.
Communications and Community

  • Deliver on school communications strategy and school visual identity
  • Manage parent, community, local stakeholder and school media engagement

  • Support schools with their community strategy
  • Develop Federation brand & school guidelines
  • Lead on communications with potential new schools

  • Approve any changes to the overall Federation brand

  • Maintain school buildings
  • Ensure compliance with statutory obligations and mandatory Federation policies
  • Initiate school expansion strategy
  • Lead proposal development for building projects and refurbishments
  • Lead on building project delivery with support from ELT

  • Recommend to the FGB Federation premises policies and strategy
  • Approve building projects and refurbishments that exceed the limits stated in the Financial Management Policy
  • Support building project procurement and delivery

  • Approve all statutory policies
  • Accountable for all compliance with building projects
  • Approve premises strategy including capital programme and school expansion strategy

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